Bottle Tops

Bottle caps 28mm. Child resistant (click lock) and tamper evident in white. Has an EPE liner to give a better seal. Suitable for a wide range of 28mm neck bottles.

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Product Description

28mm Click-Loc Child Resistant Medicine Bottle Tops

This market leading brand of child resistant bottle tops is made from solid form Polystyrene. The closure is a trustworthy product which will protect children from the bottle contents and make it secure when closed.

  • Child safe closure
  • Superior quality
  • EPE liner offers compressibility which provides sealing properties that match the rim of the bottle neck.
  • The push down and turn embossing is printed on the cap for clarity and ease of use for the user.

28mm Tamper Evident Cap (Red Band)

This tamper evident cap (Red Band) has an EPE liner helping to preserve the freshness of the bottle contents and reducing the risk of leakage. The tamper evident red band seal ensures that if the bottle top is removed this in evident.

Only the medicine bottle tops are on sale, no bottles are included.
Both caps are 28mm size as per industry standards and compatible with 28mm neck bottles.

Bottle caps are non-sterile.

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