Oral Syringes

High quality 5ml and 10ml oral syringes to fit both our Standard and SealSafe® medicine bottle adapters
Measure out liquid medicines in a safe, accurate and secure way.

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Product Description

These oral syringes are made by Paragon in the USA and a wide tip specifically designed to fit our 28mm push-in medicine bottle adapters.

Using these 5ml or 10ml syringes with our inserts means you can easily measure out doses of liquid medicine. No more spills and drips using spoons. It also reduces the risk of a bottle spilling its contents if knocked over. To withdraw medicine, invert the bottle (turned upside down) with the syringe in place and then pull back on the syringe plunger to draw off the liquid. This also means you can empty the bottle out into the syringe and so cut down on waste.

Both adapters and syringes are reusable. They can be washed between doses but the inserts are intended to remain in the bottle until empty.

Suitable for children and adults. Also ideal for measuring out and giving medicines to pets.

Customers have commented that the oral syringes last a long time. The markings on the syringe last longer than most other syringes and so can work out cheaper in the long run.

Syringes are non-sterile. The wider tips of these oral syringes makes them unsuitable to use with hypodermic needles.

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